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After a calm year i threw a view to the race-schedule 2016, and in theory/ planning the year has already passed. I looked for my goals and prepared - as always - well for these. Winter was like made for me, the weather often allowed outside training and riding on the BMX-track. Through this i could keep/ better my technique. 
Since easter was early i could start into my season with a regional race of the bavarian league (at Kolbermoor, where else?!?) and increase race level slowly. After a successful start a weekend with 2 races for the national series awaited us. It was a rainy and kind of uncomfortable time at Kornwestheim. It demanded much from us, both physically and mentally. After a long break noone knew, if or when the program was supposed to restart. With these temperatures it almost killed every bit of good mood and motivation. But finally i could finish the weekend successful with 2 wins, bevor a big cold forced me down. What a bad timing since only 2 weeks later was the first really big competiton waiting for me. 
At Kampen/ Netherlands 2 rounds of the European League were scheduled, and competing with the 17+ girls demanded to be fit. At least i felt good enough to race with them, since i wanted to fulfill the requirements for european championship qualification criteria. That was: To qualify out of motos at least once. I just did that better than i thought, and then i was part of the women-cruiser's main event. Everything went better than expected, but of course the missed training sessions cought me far before i reached the finishline. Nevertheless i was satisfied because my goal was reached!
After i was healed completely i tried to compensate my lacks step by step after the break to make my year-plan work. Races helped me get in shape, and having one a bit shorter track at Vechta for the 2nd weekend for the national series was at this time helpful, too. I was able to win these races as well as the southgerman championship at Erlangen. Riding was a lot of fun to me, i felt safe and comfy on my bike. The regional race at Betzingen was a good test for my stamina - a long track and later with rain. I tested my tire's grip and luckily prevented a crash at  the gate! 

The last rehearsal for my year's highlights followed: european league races at Weiterstadt. With bright sunshine i unpacked my technique and had lots of fun at the track. While fighting for 1st position in moto 1 i made a terrible mistake leading to a crash. immediately i felt the pain, but i tried to go on, and somehow managed that. If nothing works, riding my bike it the last that still works. In the afternoon our doc threw a short view on my knee, "strongly stretched" was kind of ok for me. Although i wasn't sure if this was really all after several days, it felt wrong to visit my doc at this time of the year, i wouldn't have held what he might've told me. I cooled, taped, rested wheneever possible to keep my goals alive.

The first goal was the german championship at Berlin, my old home-city - even though i didn't know this district at all. Finally a new track under my wheels. Friday practise was fun, Saturday's rain breaks were more demotivating, but in the end You get used to nearmly everything. Still way better than slipping at the wooden startramp a bad way. Motos were pushed through fast - luckily i kept my food where it belonged to - probably my last meal was too long ago anyway. I was happy to defend my titel in the female cruiserclass (open for all ages), and with this "high" only a couple of days later we went to the european championship to Italy. 

Summer was very hot, especially beyond the alps, hotter than bearable. But the Italians did a great job, just impressive! Even though i didn't like the steep obstacles, most of the riders in my class have the perfect technique, and maybe this could be helpful or an advantage for me. On an almost endless saturday my race in women-cruiser 30+ took place, i was looking forward and really wanted to race. I went to staging with almost wet clothes, but it was almost all gone until i was on the gate. But my head stayed cool. Even though not everything worked good in the main, i fighted to reach my goal, to fulfil my dream. Going into that first turn in the lead was an important and big step. I kept my nerves and was more than just happy about my win at the european championship. 
With that trophy in the bag i dared going to my orthopedist. As feared he prescribed me a splint to heal my LCT - MRI said it was partly torn. 7 weeks can be very long. But even with restricted movement i could do a lot of sport and enjoy the beautiful weather.  

Due to my alternative training i was fit when the second half of the season started. It worked as before - You don't forget how to ride a bike. Fall begann sunny and warm with a regional race at Welzheim - and successful, too. Even though the morning was overrun by bad news regarding Sam Willoughby's crash. 
At Weiterstadt 2 traditional events were in one with the night-race and veteran's cup, though the number of competitors are not very high - at one of Germany's best tracks. Don't understand it, but everyone who's been there had lots of fun. View didn't get better with darkness and rain, and the reflecting floodlight was another challenge. In the end i was happy after each lap to take all jumps at the (more or less) right time. 

In september and october we had many sunny racedays, and riding was even more fun than usually. With wins at Erlangen at the national series and Kornwestheim at a regional the last 2 nationals were held at my hometrack at Ingersheim. I went to the gate with a good feeling, the new start-system was no big deal for me. I soon found my rhythm and could gain maximum points. That gave me the overall series' win. My special highlight was once again jumping the 2nd double of the first straight. Even though it may not be neccessary, it's always a benefit for my self-confidence - to know that i am still fast enough to do it. 

This time there was not a break, because Gerhard had the crazy idea to travel to the Grand Nationals to Tulsa/ Oklahome (USA). Such a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It was such a great trip! We met many nice people, could do our small part for Sam Willoughby and met several new kind people. I went into the Grand with maximum motivation after winning the race of champions in my cruiserclass. I registered for both cruiser and class to make the trip worth the effort. These 2 race-days seemd to be endless, the indoor did it's part to loose every feeling for the time. Finally, in the evening i could crown my great season with a win in the cruiserclass as well as in 20-inch age-class. 
Happy as we've been we could now look forward to some relaxing days at Florida - well-deserved for both of us. The problem, how to get these huge trophies home, was put aside a bit, and we stayed positiv that we could fix that, too. 

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