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Born 1970 at Berlin-Moabit
1979 First meeting with an ambulance of a hospital after i broke a glass-door and fell through it.
First BMX-bike, a red Kalkhoff, 1983
First BMX-race
at April 14 th 1985 at Berlin-Charlottenburg -
back then my name was Kerstin Munski 
1989 Abitur still in the age of 18 years
Winter 1991/ 1992 Club-change from Berlin to Bremen
1993 Finish of education in Communication electronics subject area information Technology
Thanks to my grades i was able to finish half a year earlier, together with 2 other boys of my group
Afterwards move to Bremen
Since then engagement in training and matters of the Vegesacker BMX-Club
1995/ 1996 Education to C-Trainer BMX at Karlsruhe
1996 First European Championship Title
1997/ 1998 Education to B-Trainer BMX at Karlsruhe
Engagement on national level regarding Training, stopped that in 1999
1999 Wedding with Wolfgang Fritscher in the occasion of the international Puma-Cup race
2003 i've been hired as Trainer for the national team 
2005/ 2006 Education to A-Trainer Bicycle/ Cycling at Frankfurt at the national cycling federation
Following i was officially called national coach, after BMX in Germany was declared olympic.
2007 i put down the national coach, because i didn't see a good working together in the future on any level.
August move to Heilbronn
2008 re-entry into international racing in the Women 17+ class
2009 European Champion in Women 17+ at Fredericia/ Denmark and
at Adelaide/ Australia
2010 Wedding with Gerhard Meyer, now i am named Kerstin Meyer.
         Worldchampion in my Cruiserclass
2011 Change of Licence to the local club MSC Ingersheim, from now i am starting for that one.
         Worldchampion in my Cruiserclass

1985-1990 RC Charlottenburg, Berlin
1990-1991 VfL Tegel, Berlin
1992-2010 Vegesacker BMX-Club, Bremen
since 2011 MSC Ingersheim


1992 Crash with Open-Face-Helmet, harmless injuries with a little concussion. going to the hospital was for precaution only.
But i had no choice, they just brought my there.
Crash on my face with a following stay at the face-surgery.
* A cut nasal septum and strong moved cartilage,
* almost completely cup tip of the tongue,
* perforated upper lip,
* inside of the lower lip cut open from the far left to the far right
=> all together at least 50 stitches
and a really fat concussion with amnesia (think that was better for me)
It must have been very serious, because an accident with a circular saw had to wait !

Since then - only full-face-action !

2006 Open ellbow for a long time, bruised hand, concussion

2008 Torn ligament right foot, detached labrum in left shoulder: refixation with surgery

That looked like this:

2011 Again surgery at my shoulder to repair several occlusives.
         It was worth it !

2014 Surgery at my elbow - really neccessary: plastic surgery at triceps tendon with reconstruction of an elbow-ligament

Additional several hematomas, trenching and 1-2 smaller concussions.
But - for 32 years of a risky sport it's been relative few injuries.
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