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The winterbreak felt really good, especially my knee could now recover completely. Lazing around was still no option since my goals for 2017 were already set. For a while our travel route was nearly fix in my head. 
Contrary to the tradition my first race of the year was once not the easter race, but a Baden-Württemberg Cup at Nussdorf since easter was late this year. During my last training session before the weekend i knocked my right shin really strong and even more painful. But i continued my sprint and jump session since pain faded at some point. Only at home did i notive the full extend of the injury: a short but deep rip in my shin that had to be sewn. A little (or bigger) adventure on a friday afternoon! Only at our 3rd stop, hospital at Heilbronn, my shin got 1 stitch. The local anesthetic didn't work yet, only the night gave me some relaxation. Luckily we found some shinguards at home, i used them for a while until everything was healed well. 

And after that victorious race it finally was time: my new material had arrived!
Within almost lightspeed i put together my new    Ssquared Pro Cruiser with lots of Answer parts, it was love at the first sight. I really liked the hubs' name "Holeshot". How fitting was that since i almost always have good gates. After my first laps at the track i did some finetuning before my test ride under race conditons at Kolbermoor. And it worked excellent, also against the ever younger competition!!! 
With this new beginning the team changed as well, and i once again learned something about friendliness and appreciation by others.

I stayed healthy, my fitness increased as desired during the season. I could reach my goals - to win at regional races and at national level - at the Bundesliga start at Weiterstadt as well as at Erlangen. Riding and jumping was more fun than ever. Even though the wind almost ruined day 2 at Weiterstadt most of the time it came from the right direction and didn't affect my riding at all. A technical defect right before sunday's main final couldn't stop me for long, changing the backwheel went fast especially since i had several helping hands not only for the bike but also for my mind. 

The bavarian league at Erlangen on May 1st was one more time a welcome and well done rehearsal, every race was a great training for my years' highlight, the Worlds. Several titles have been distributed
on my road to the worlds and if possible i wanted to defend all of them successful.

At the regional championship it was hard to judge if a win against the men was possible. But once i reached the finish line i was surprised how good and safe i felt and how clear i was in front of the others. Self-confidence grew and most of all i knew my training plan worked perfect. After the Bundesliga at Erlangen we had some race free weeks where i could concentrate completely on my training before it became serious again. 

The prelude of the championship weeks was built by the southgerman championship at my hometrack Ingersheim. Ouf course i wanted to win that one here. Unfortunately we had strong wind and i couldn't jump as planned  or hoped for at the initial straight - the risk was too high. Luckily i was still fast enough to take the title.

Barely done the recovery ride the road lead us to Hamburg for the german championship. I already knew the track and couldn't wait to ride here. Friday's training was cancelled due to heavy rain, it was pouring down, but the next day it had calmed down and the track was in a good condition. I jumped as a matter of course because i knew i'd make it clean. Only the wet berms asked for much caution. Only a few days before registration deadline i had decided to compete in the 20-inch class as well, because competition for the both bikes were on different days. I never regretted, even though the bike felt strange within the first laps i had adapted to it very soon. I took the time i needed to feel safe and the rest was done by my body. With 2 more wins and titles in the books i went into my last preparations for the worlds. Summer was really hot and humid and everytime it felt like i couldn't stand it anymore i thought that exactly such whether would wait for us in the USA. In the end it all was just great training for the worlds. 

Since life would be boring if everything went as planned, Gerhard unintentionally crossed our plans massive. He had to undergo an urgent surgery to remove a tumor that did massive pressure to his spinal cord. Not to think about the consequences when this thing would prevail! This had absolute priority, but Gerhard still sent me away to fulfil my dream or at least go chase it, try to take the chance. I was happy not to be alone since Jörn and i adjusted each other and tried to concentrate on the things lying ahead of us.  

Surgery went well and doctors didn't rule out the chance for Gerhard to come to the US a couple of days later. He never had any doubt that this will work out, and he eventually arrived on monday afternoon, the day before our race. Should everything still be really good?

I felt relieved when the alarm clock finally rang in the morning, even it was damn early. Most of the time anticipation was bigger than nervosity (except the one before going into the very first moto). Of course i wanted to deliver a good race with a best possible result for me, but not least to thank Gerhard for all the strain he went through during these days. I wanted to give everything to prove that his daring venture stepping into that plane was a good and the right decision. It was a long day, mostly spent with breaks, drinking and dispose the drinks a short time later. Of course there was some racing, too!

I tried to implement everything i exercised during practise and what i had in my mind for the race, not to change a thing, no experiments but to use the fastest way to ride the track. It worked good for me, i felt better and safer on my bike from one lap to the other. I was satisfied with me and couldn't wait for the main final. In staging one of the many volunteers said: We'll wait until she's ready (pointing at me, still busy with my routine). With a smile i responded: "I was born ready!" My confidence has grown bigger and accordingly good mooded i went up the start hill. There, like in all my races before as well, i threw a glance towards my front hub, saw that "Holeshot" which i had made my program. And finally i could go to the gate and do my material all honor.

The dream came true, i won at the biggest worlds of all time in the BMX-sport's motherland in a full stacked class. I never had so many competitors before. 
Only a few moments after crossing the finish line i got proof of what i already knew: the body is dependent on the spirit. The race was over and now my body asked for his break, almost refused his service. But with a bit sugar and caffeine i caught myself again and looked forward to the awards ceremony before this wonderful day came to it's end. 

I could fully enjoy the following days, no more nervosity, back pain from sitting for too long wouldn't matter, my race lay behind me and all others to watch were ahead
- it was simply perfect. The many congratulations by all possible sides were overwhelming, i couldn't put my luck in words. So i just enjoyed everything. On friday i could swop another jersery - with 3rd placed Deborah Williams who wanted my jersey so badly. And I liked the canadian a lot, too!
The Elite day was perfect, too. It was so nice seeing Café Willoughby live at the venue especially when they asked into the crowd who has made the main final. Gerhard pushed me forward in the field of view for Tyler and Sam. I answered their question for the place with my upright index finger. After a closer look Sam, nodding, remembered our visit with photo at the Berm Academy 2 days ago. Sometimes everything felt so unreal, but awesome!

The evening brought nothing but goose bumps, and probably not a single dry eye when Alise Post as well as Corben Sharrah took the Elite titles for the USA.
With big distance it my my most emotional worlds ever, on and off the track. Meeting Michelle and the Sawyer family for some small-talk was awesome and one of many icings of this event. 

But soon everyday life's been waiting for us, and at some point the german season continued with several regional races as well as the national series. For the first my enthusiasm was limited after all the strain, but race atmosphere always felt great. And of course at home there even more congratulations waiting for me, amongst others i received a hamper from my club, MSC Ingersheim. 

But before any race happened i was invited by our major to be part of the opening ceremony of the annual "Parkfest". For this event he had planned to honor the Worldchampions. That Saturday was really busy, the whole village was up on their feet, and some friends from Heilbronn came, too. The honor was a great appreciation with an unbeatable frame - it's been a long time since i've experienced something like that. I felt really good and really appreciated. 

In the course of the seasons' 2nd half i sometimes gave away one or the other moto - 3 altogether, since i lacked a bit of pep after my succssful summer. But in the deciding laps i always was on fire and motivated to race. Ultimately i was able to leave the men behind me at the BW-Races at
Welzheim, Markgröningen and my Hometrack Ingersheim and won. This even brought me the winner trophy for the overall standings at the regional series. 

But i wanted to show what i can also in the national series Bundesliga. The track at Ahnatal fits my riding, no miracle i won rounds 5 and 6 as well as the saturday race at Kornwestheim, where the series' final rounds 7 & 8 took place. Thus i had enough points and lead i didn't have to race the last round to get the overall win. But i nevertheless wanted to race, my goal was to win all 8 races. I collected all my concentration for a last lap that year and eventually took a clear win. Thus i was on top of the podium at all races i attended this year.

For me it was important because i wanted that my last moment as an active racer to be a good one. For a while i knew this would be the place where i'll finish my carreer, and we announced - resp. let Thomas Otto do this part in his job as announcer at this race weekend - that during the awards ceremony. I got applause, some sentimental glances, it was kind of emotional. 
Myself i was just happy to take a step back because my body really asked for calming down a bit. And there was no better time to relax than after such a season! 

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